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Neal's not into spectator sports, but he is a very avid bike rider. He admits to riding his bike a "ridiculous amount of time" up and down the beach paths near his former home in Southern California. It's not unheard of for Neal to go off on bike rides of 25 miles or more. It definitely is more of a passion for him, and something that's not only good for the body, but in Neal's case great for the mind and soul.

Neal also enjoys playing with his computers online and off. Being a staunch Mac user, he loves to get new gadgets and goodies for this computer, spending some time here and there surfing the web, chatting with people (including REO Speedwagon fans), and keeping in touch with family and friends via the Internet.

Photography was something Neal maintained as a hobby, though he hasn't been pursuing that hobby for a while. However, this site does have a picture page or two that need additional photos!

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