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Favorite Food:   Nice healthy seafood, but occasionally a steak. Chocolate in moderation.
Favorite Television Shows:  

24, House, & 30 Rock

Favorite Movies:  

All-time favorite: Blade Runner

Recent favorite: The Pirates of The Caribbean Series.

Favorite Web Sites:   Anyplace that sells stuff. Especially stuff I've never heard of.
Favorite Vacation Spot:   Hawaii - Anywhere in Hawaii.
Favorite Things To Do:   Walking, Biking, Digital Photography. And, quite honestly, touring.
Favorite Actor/Actress:   Jack Nicolson, Nicole Kidman.
Favorite Music:   Girl-Pop. Plus about everything else. Widely varied and constantly changing.
Favorite Books:   All-time favorite: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson. Also layman-level books on the latest theories in Physics, especially Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Also anything by Steven King or Elmore Leonard.
Favorite Time of Year:   Summer. I just don't need it all year long anymore, which was the only reason to live in LA.

Another Favorite Website would be this one:

Neal loves his new car, which is pictured below:

BMW Z4-M Roadster.

"330 HP and a stick-shift. My Mid-Life-Crisis-Mobile. At least it's not red."