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Bithdate:   July 29, 1946
Birthplace:   Evansville, Indiana
Birthname   Neal Allan Doughty
Parents names:   Robert & Bettye Mae Doughty
Siblings:   3 younger brothers - Mike, Mark, and Randy
High School:   Belleville High School, Belleville, IL
College:   University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
Eye color:   A vibrant blue
Hair color:   In this youth, it was a medium brown, later it became more of a dark blonde, and also a sun splashed bonde in the 90's. Today it is a nice platinum color.
Height:   5'7"
Build:   Lean, but muscular.
Now Resides:   In a loft near Downtown Minneapolis

According to his mother, Neal was always a very intelligent kid, talented in many ways.  The oldest of 4 boys, Neal had a tendancy to pick up on things
fairly technical.  What's even more amazing is that he more or less taught himself to play piano.It had been his intention to end up working in an engineering field (this was his major at Uof I). Little did he know that he would end up being one of the founders of a famous rock band.